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StepWise Episode 4: A Multisystem Question

In this episode I tackle a question that involves multiple systems. I struggled with these during Step One studying because when we learn everything in a systems curriculum sometimes we can fail to integrate certain concepts that make for great questions.

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The podcast I mention at the end that I have learned a lot from is EM Clerkship! Go check it out!

StepWise Episode 3: A Visual Pathway Lesion Localization Question

In this podcast I go through a question that asks us to localize a lesion in the visual pathways. These can be tricky, but once we have this info down they will become a piece of cake.

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StepWise Episode 1: A Microbiology Diagnosis and Treatment Question

The first  full length StepWise Episode, in it I talk about how to solve one of those questions that is really two questions in one. That means we get to talk about microbiology And drugs!

StepWise Episode 1 Transcript