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Episode 16: #Hormones

In this Episode of StepWise I break down a Step One style question over something going on in a stomach.


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Episode 15: Step One Study Strategy

In this episode of StepWise, we break from the normal question breakdown to go over what I think is the best way to study for Step One.

It essentially breaks down to, Use a QBank like Pastest etc, to help study during classes. Use Anki throughout to memorize the details. Use Pathoma and Sketchy for concept enforcement. Give yourself enough time (2-3 months) of dedicated time to go through all of UWorld, keep at Anki, and do the NBME and UWorld practice exams.





Episode 14: A multi-system GI Question

In this episode of StepWise we breakdown a GI question that at first, may seem to be very involved, but once we figure out what is actually going on is easily solvable!

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Take things one Step at a time!


Episode 13: An Ophthalmology Question

In this episode I go through a Step One style ophthalmology question. Eye anatomy and knowing the things that can affect each layer are important for this question.

Thanks for being patient waiting for this episode, I got pretty busy between thanksgiving and my clerkships these past few weeks.

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Episode 12: A Hyponatremia Question

In this episode we tackle a USMLE Step One style hyponatremia question. These can be difficult questions because sodium interacts with so many systems and hormones so it pays to learn to do them methodically and then speed up to the 90 seconds you have for each question.

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Episode 11: An Anemia Question

On this episode of StepWise we break down an anemia question and discuss how to rule in and out different etiologies so you have an approach to anemia questions on Step One!

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Episode 10: A Intracranial Hemorrhage Question

In this episode we encounter a fairly straight forward question about bleeding inside the skull. You wouldn’t think there would be that much difference about where that blood goes as to what happens, but the presentations and CT findings are can be very distinct making them good Step One material. There is a lot more to neurology but this is one area you can nail and get every question right very easily if you know the terminology and imaging findings.

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Episode 9: A Psychiatry Question

In this episode we go through a psychiatry question in Step One style. Some of the psych questions can get confusing because of the similarities and overlap between disorders so pay close attention to the differences!

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StepWise Episode 8: A Lipid Lowering Agent Question

In this episode we break down a question over lipid lowering agents and there is a bonus section at the end where we go over the different lipid lowering drugs to hit the highlight of what you should know about them to succeed on Step One.

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StepWise Episode 7: An Anti-Coagulation Question

In this episode of StepWise we solve a question dealing with anticoagulation medications in the setting of a patient experiencing a PE. Highly relevant in Step One and real life.

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