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Episode 16: #Hormones

In this Episode of StepWise I break down a Step One style question over something going on in a stomach.


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StepWise Episode 7: An Anti-Coagulation Question

In this episode of StepWise we solve a question dealing with anticoagulation medications in the setting of a patient experiencing a PE. Highly relevant in Step One and real life.

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StepWIse Episode 6: A Renal Drug Question

In this episode we will break down a question that involves one of the many drugs that act on the nephron. Approaching these questions with foreknowledge and a systematic process is key to success!

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StepWise Episode 1: A Microbiology Diagnosis and Treatment Question

The first  full length StepWise Episode, in it I talk about how to solve one of those questions that is really two questions in one. That means we get to talk about microbiology And drugs!

StepWise Episode 1 Transcript