StepWIse Episode 6: A Renal Drug Question

In this episode we will break down a question that involves one of the many drugs that act on the nephron. Approaching these questions with foreknowledge and a systematic process is key to success!

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StepWise Episode 5: A Cardiac Murmur Question

In this Episode, I break down a question that involves different murmurs and go over my process for solving them.

This question didn’t involve any maneuvers like Valsalva or Handgrip. Don’t forget to think though how those will affect murmurs in other questions!

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StepWise Episode 4: A Multisystem Question

In this episode I tackle a question that involves multiple systems. I struggled with these during Step One studying because when we learn everything in a systems curriculum sometimes we can fail to integrate certain concepts that make for great questions.

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The podcast I mention at the end that I have learned a lot from is EM Clerkship! Go check it out!

StepWise Episode 3: A Visual Pathway Lesion Localization Question

In this podcast I go through a question that asks us to localize a lesion in the visual pathways. These can be tricky, but once we have this info down they will become a piece of cake.

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StepWise Episode 1: A Microbiology Diagnosis and Treatment Question

The first  full length StepWise Episode, in it I talk about how to solve one of those questions that is really two questions in one. That means we get to talk about microbiology And drugs!

StepWise Episode 1 Transcript